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SYFY & Monsters

We are limited to showing movies that are in public domain, but there are lots of good ones to choose from.  We are working our way through them to bring you the best/and worst of classic black and white horror movies.  Below are those you can currently view on YouTube.

  • Attack of the Giant Leeches

  • Bride of the Gorilla

  • Chandu on the Magic Island

  • Creature from the Haunted Sea

  • Horrors of Spider Island

  • I Eat Your Skin

  • Indestructible Man

  • Invaders from Space

  • Killers from Space

  • Mesa of Lost Women

  • Missile to the Moon

  • Night of the Blood Beast

  • Phantom from Space

  • Revenge of the Zombies

  • Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy

  • Rocky Jones - Crash of Moons

  • Teenagers from Outer Space

  • The Amazing Mr. X

  • The Amazing Transparent Man

  • The Ape

  • The Ape Man

  • The Atomic Brain

  • The Brain from Planet Arous

  • The Brain that Wouldn't Die

  • The Crawling Eye

  • The Devil Bat

  • The Giant Gila Monster

  • The Head

  • The Human Monster

  • the Killer Shrews

  • The Mad Monster

  • The Phantom Planet

  • The Vampire Bat

  • The Wasp Woman

  • The Yesterday Machine

  • Voodoo Man

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